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The right thing...for me...

For so long I was blinded by the fact that I was brought up that it wasn't "right" to love anyone else...that it was wrong...and that it was a path to "hell"...blah blah blah...Too many blinders have been taken off and I see a lot more than what I ever did...and for the first time ever...I feel like I fit...and I feel happy...I have honestly never felt that way before about something like this...I feel comfortable in this this feels right for me.

I have to wonder if apart of me has always been Poly. I’ve never been able to let my heart result to one being. I’ve never been able to feel completely comfortable and myself in a monogamous relationship, but I’ve always wanted it and always thought someone should be faithful to me and I to them. I think it was because it was pounded into my head for so long that it was the way things were…and I was never given the choice to make myself…until now. Sure I resisted at first…and it was hard to accept…but it wasn’t so much the act that was hard to accept…it was the idea…the idea that this was nothing like I knew…nothing like I was taught. For the first time I had a real choice about how I loved. And I choose to not limit my heart or my life…

And now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…and this is working right for me. I’ve developed strong beliefs about the Poly life style and hope that I will continue learning, growing, and loving…with all my heart and soul…

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