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Multiple Loves for Multiple Cities.'s Journal

Sunday, February 22, 2009

6:49PM - Greetings

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the dinner Friday night and just wanted to introduce myself. This is Free, the tall guy with the pinstriped fedora. I don't post much on LJ (it's more of an exercise in procrastination journal about the process of writing), but I'll be lurking, reading, commenting on occasion.

And for those who are curious, my date for the evening was kadairk. We have been together and poly for just over three years. I have another girlfriend who lives in New Mexico, and we have a small-but-growing network of poly friends (and some possibly-mores) centered around DFW and Denton.

It was great to meet everyone, and I hope to drop in again soon!

Current mood: pleased

Friday, September 21, 2007

1:11PM - Monthly Dallas Poly Dinner

Anyone going tonight?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4:14PM - The right thing...for me...

For so long I was blinded by the fact that I was brought up that it wasn't "right" to love anyone else...that it was wrong...and that it was a path to "hell"...blah blah blah...Too many blinders have been taken off and I see a lot more than what I ever did...and for the first time ever...I feel like I fit...and I feel happy...I have honestly never felt that way before about something like this...I feel comfortable in this skin...in this place...it feels right for me.

I have to wonder if apart of me has always been Poly. I’ve never been able to let my heart result to one being. I’ve never been able to feel completely comfortable and myself in a monogamous relationship, but I’ve always wanted it and always thought someone should be faithful to me and I to them. I think it was because it was pounded into my head for so long that it was the way things were…and I was never given the choice to make myself…until now. Sure I resisted at first…and it was hard to accept…but it wasn’t so much the act that was hard to accept…it was the idea…the idea that this was nothing like I knew…nothing like I was taught. For the first time I had a real choice about how I loved. And I choose to not limit my heart or my life…

And now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been…and this is working right for me. I’ve developed strong beliefs about the Poly life style and hope that I will continue learning, growing, and loving…with all my heart and soul…

Current mood: content

Monday, May 22, 2006

4:32PM - dartpoly beat me to it, but...

Yes, there is an active Poly crew in here the Dallas area.  See Dart's post for the link to the Yahoo Group, but here's the poop on their recurring events...

DFW Poly Dinner
The 3rd Friday of every month
Cafe Brazil - 2071 N. Central Expressway, Richardson Tx
Starts at 8:00 PM

I've been a couple of times, and it's a good crowd...and is child friendly.

Denton County Meet-Up
The 1st Tuesday of every month
Rudy's BBQ - 520 South IH-35 E., Denton, TX 76205
6:30 - 8:30 PM

I've been planning on going to this gathering for quite a while, but something has always come up.

I also wanted to clarify that this community isn't an effort to usurp what's exists here in the area.  The "gaping hole" I was referring to wasn't one I saw everywhere, just here on LJ.  This is where I call home, and while I am a member of the Yahoo Group as well, I spend much more time here.  I'll be updating the community on any and all events from the Yahoo Group...and if anyone on the Yahoo Group is also on LJ, they are more than welcome to join here and make this a wing of the larger group.
In the past, I was looking for other Poly people and wasn't aware of the existing folks.  If there's anyone here on LJ that feels that way...I hope this can be a resource for them.

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11:47AM - DFW-poly on Yahoo

Just a note, for several years, there has been a very active DFW Poly group who meets at least once a month in Richardson.
See the Yahoo group for more details.

12:28AM - New Place...New Post....

It feels a bit wierd witing the initial post for a community, but someone has toi do it....

Maybe this thing will fly and maybe it won't, but I'm sure as hell willing to give it a shot.

I'm lazaruslong2004...the moderator and maintainer of the group, but I'm sure that there will be more folks holding the reins before long.  Any comments, complaints or suggestions?  Send them on to me or just reply to this post.  I'm open to anything that wants or needs to be said.

I live in Plano and am a professional geek by trade.  I'm divorced and am in a long-distance relationship with my wife, soulmate and friend, and two husbands of the platonic variety.  I don't subscribe to the traditional labels of Poly such as Primary, Secondary, etc., but prefer to let each relationship stand on its own and be what it becomes.  

I was almost a priest before, at the advice of my parish priest, I tore down the tower that was my faith.  The rebuilding process left me not only not wanting to be a priest, but also no longer considering myself Catholic.  My religious views are a bit convoluted, but they work for me, so there ya are!

I am also co-maintainer and moderator for a few other communities here on LJ:

the_magic_pussy - Dedicated to the celebration of sex and sexuality in all it's forms. Founded by mystryloca...my Bella  What is Magic Pussy?  Awfully glad you asked me that...

Magic Pussy (MP) is the ability of a woman to just embrace the wholeness of her sexuality, to use it on deserving men and women, and to exercise it with wisdom and power. It's what makes confidence sexy. It's what makes intelligence sexy. It's what makes reality sexy.

But don't just think that this community is just about female sexualiy...oh no!  If you sport a penis, you're more than welcome there, too.

a_love_movement - The stirrings of a movement to bring about change for the express purpose of beginning to plant seeds of hope, faith and mostly importantly Love. It is the vision of this community to be able to begin to talk about way to create a new understanding of society. To promote more Love, more tolerance, more hope, more faith. We realize and acknowledge that we are all a part of the same master plan, no matter who or what you believe that "master" to be, if you believe at all.  Spiritual in a non-denominational way.  Founded by minofsin06 who also is the webmaster for the A New Love Movement website and voice of the podcasts of the same name.

geek_mystique - The celebration of the passions that live in anyone who willfully dons the label of Geek...and that's a good label to have...

A Geek is someone who is PASSIONATE about something that speaks to them on a level above the norm. Whether that be technology, book, music, movies, writing, cooking, politics, blogging, gardening and even (gasp) sex. That's what this community is about. No matter what what genre of Geekiness you subscribe to, you are welcome.

Passion is life, and Geeks are passionate. We see the beauty in the details of things that others find mundane. If someone hasn't rolled their eyes at you and said "You need to get out more," when you go off on your favorite subject, you have a little further to go to attain true Geekiness in that field.

That's the basics on me, but I'm very much an open book.  Ask and I will answer.

So where we go from there is mostly up to you.  Gatherings?  Parties?  Feed me ideas and I'll run with them.

Current mood: hopeful