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I enjoyed meeting everyone at the dinner Friday night and just wanted to introduce myself. This is Free, the tall guy with the pinstriped fedora. I don't post much on LJ (it's more of an exercise in procrastination journal about the process of writing), but I'll be lurking, reading, commenting on occasion.

And for those who are curious, my date for the evening was kadairk. We have been together and poly for just over three years. I have another girlfriend who lives in New Mexico, and we have a small-but-growing network of poly friends (and some possibly-mores) centered around DFW and Denton.

It was great to meet everyone, and I hope to drop in again soon!
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Hi, Kar and Free! *waves* Random chic in the 'threesome: interested?' shirt here. I'ma go read you now.
Hope you won't be too disappointed in what you find, but may I add that it was terrific to meet you and D. and we really hope to see yall again.
i'd completely forgotten about this little pocket of us'n.
i should probably remember to use my resources and post the dinner announcements here, too.

(granted, almost everyone here is subscribed on the yahoo list, too).

'twas very nice to meet both of you, as well as C(or K?) and M.
That's still not a bad idea. :)
It's C. ;) I will be nagging them to attend whenever possible (and probably the other way around as well!).
It was good to see you two there. :)

Would be great if you guys made it a 'regular thing'.
Hint taken. :P